The Ethical Obligation of Doctors to Provide Unbiased Guidance on Medical Cannabis

As a medical expert, I have witnessed the increasing interest and use of medical cannabis among patients. Despite its legal status and lack of FDA approval, the public's support for its wider legalization is undeniable. It is clear that medical cannabis is here to stay. As doctors, we have an ethical duty to provide unbiased and informed guidance on medical cannabis. Patients are seeking information and advice on this treatment option, and it is our responsibility to provide them with accurate and unbiased information.

We must also be competent in managing medications, including medical cannabis. However, despite this ethical obligation, many NHS doctors are still hesitant to prescribe medical cannabis. This hesitation may stem from a distrust of the exaggerated claims often made about its benefits.

Makayla Orscheln
Makayla Orscheln

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